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The Cannabis Freedom Network

 The Cannabis Freedom Network strives to be a haven for those who want to be active in the legalization of Cannabis.
When you visit The 420 Tribal Council, take a moment to say a few words.If nothing else contact us and tell us what you think.We would like to see our place become an interactive network of Cannabis freedom fighters.We can only do that with your input.If you have any ideas that would interest you,or promote site interaction, please let us know.


The Webmasters of this site do not support illegal activities.Whether we use Cannabis or not is irrellevant.Although much of our freedom is limited,we still have the freedom of speech,and freedom of expression.This site has been created to give those of like mind a place to relax interact,have fun,and speak there mind.It is frustrating to be an upstanding,morale,hard working family member,and yet be threatoned to be incarserated for using Cannabis.If we did use Cannabis,which is still irrelavant,it would not affect our work performance.It would not change the fact that I have responsibilities to my family,my job,my community,and myself.I believe that if a person blames Marijuana for their irresponsibility they're an idiot ,who does not want the responsibilties of adulthood.There is a such thing as a responsible smoker.How can alchohol be legal,and cannabis is a schedule one drug.It makes no sense to us.That is the inspiration of this site.We all have families to protect.We MUST find legal,and civil ways to make a change.

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