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The Art Of High Art
*Due to the nature of this page it may take a few minutes to download.Please be patient.*
One of our many passions is art.Any kind of art that inspires us.Art that makes us feel something.Art that takes us a little further away from the reality which,at times,can be a little more stressful than we care for it to be.Don't get us wrong,we do not advocate the escape from reality on a regular basis.When we have the time,and our responsibilities have been attended to,then why shouldn't we be allowed to go to that place in our mind that gives us a few moments sanity,clarity,and inner peace.Not everything you find here will be thought of as art.Some things we just find funny.Other things may just appeal to us in some way.Alot of things will be considered offensive.Hope you enjoy them.

I would like to display art that you will enjoy.If you have a favorite artist that you would like researched please contact us.We will find sites for you that you may enjoy,and post links to those sites here.That is,of course,if the owner agrees to it.If not than We will e-mail the links directly to you.